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About the Team

An agreement between Utah Valley University and the State of Utah’s Forestry Fire and State Lands provides an avenue for students to gain applied knowledge upon completion of the academic ESWF 1400 Wildland Fundamentals class offered by UVU at Utah Fire and Rescue Academy in Provo. Successful ESWF 1400 students may apply for a paid internship position on one of UFRA Team crews.

The UFRA Team consists of Alta, Twin Peaks, and Dromedary Peaks hand crews, with a few Lone Peak Engine intern positions. The current goal is to achieve type 1 hotshot status for the Alta handcrew, continue Twin Peaks as Type 2IA, and achieve Type 2 status for Dromedary Peaks. The crews gain experience by suppressing wildland fires across the nation and completing diverse projects throughout the State of Utah. All crews are based out of the Lone Peak Conservation Center in Draper, Utah.

Utah Valley University offers college credit to eligible interns working on any of the UFRA Internship Team crews. The cost is $15 per credit. Interns may enroll in 5 credits per fire season for a total of 15 credits. Hired interns will receive additional classroom training in many areas including; Defensive Driving, Chainsaw Operation, Standard Operating Procedures and First Aid/CPR. All of the knowledge gained from the ESWF 1400 course and the additional training will be utilized in multiple applications over the course of employment.

All UFRA Team employees, including interns, are employed by the State of Utah. The team employs 5 full time year round positions, 4 eighteen and eight permanent positions, and up to 53 interns. The Team Leader (Wade Snyder) also facilitates opportunities for additional interns on the Lone Peak Engines.

The Internship program starts after the spring term and ends mid August. This allows students to return to school and continue their higher education. When the internship ends, the Dromedary Peaks crew disbands and the remaining employees fill student gaps on Alta and Twin Peaks to allow them to operate until the end of fire season.

The first step to securing an entry level internship position on one of the UFRA team crews is to enroll in ESWF 1400 Wildland Fundamentals class at UVU. While in the class, students are instructed when and how to apply for an internship position.

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