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Employee Outreach

Each crew supervisor is responsible for managing and advertising the positions within their program. Job openings will be posted here and under each specific crews employment page.

Recruitment normally starts in December with interviews taking place in January and February (The fire season starts in April and runs through November.). The firefighter internship program has its selection process in April after all University Fire and Rescue Academy (UFRA) course requirements are completed.

All qualifying applicants are given a scheduled panel interview. Selected applicants will need to produce past training and experience records and may be required to submit a physical fitness test.


   Lone Peak Hotshots

Superintendent    –    Crewmember

   Alta Hotshots

Squad Leader    –    Crewmember

  Twin Peaks T2IA

Crewmember Fitness Test

   Dromedary Peak T2IA

Squad Leader    –    Crewmember

   Lone Peak Engines (Type 3)

Crewmember Fitness Test


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