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  • Utah Wildfire Risk Assessment (UWRAP)
    • UWRAP is an interactive map that visualizes risk from wildfire. Search your property or home to see how a wildfire could impact your interests.
  • Firewise USA
    • The Firewise program teaches people how to adapt to living with wildfire and encourages neighbors to work together and take action now to prevent losses.
  • Ready, Set, Go!
    • The Ready, Set, Go! Program seeks to develop and improve the dialogue between fire departments and the residents they serve.
  • Fire Adapted Communities (FAC)
    • FAC is defined as a human community consisting of informed and prepared citizens collaboratively planning and taking action to safely coexist with wildland fire.
  • Fire Fit (NIFC)
    • This program provides a basic format for a well-balanced fitness program designed to improve firefighter safety and health and reduce injuries.
  • Hotshot Fitness
    • Made by a hotshot, for hotshots.
    • There are 50+ fitness regiments to choose from to meet your fitness goals.

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